The Enduring Pastor Project

Pastoral burnout and dropout are problems that can not only terminate a vocation but scar a family. Lost pastorates also impact congregational mission. The D. James Kennedy Institute of Reformed Leadership has invested in research and writing to produce a resource for Christian shepherds and churches, seminaries, presbyteries, dioceses, associations, conferences, and other ecclesial judicatories. The Enduring Pastor resource will soon be a major release by the Kennedy Institute. We believe the project will be a transformative model capable of changing the lives of pastors and congregations. The Enduring Pastor is built o a pastoral training model that is Biblically faithful, Great Commission-oriented, historically proven, refreshingly practical, accessible, and affordable.

We pray we can begin offering this resource by the new year.

The Lord bless you and give you a glimpse of God’s glory in your life even now. Strengthen yourself in the Lord and have His hope for future ministry.

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