D James Kennedy Institute of reformed leadership was founded in 2013 at the Ronald Reagan presidential center and ranch to honor the contributions and continue the vision of public theology of Dr. Dennis James Kennedy. The family of the late Dr. D James Kennedy announced that Dr. Michael A Milton, a protégé and former assistant to Dr. Kennedy, would lead the Institute and seek to preserve and advance the public theology initiatives of Dr. Kennedy.


President Michael Milton

“Dr. Kennedy was an incredible mentor. Dr. Kennedy once told me, “We must always aim to maximize and multiply every act of ministry—every sermon, every letter, every prayer, every visit— so that more people will hear the Gospel, more ministers will be trained, and all of this so that more souls will be gathered in heaven to give glory to God.” “Pastors must be trained for the high calling granted to them by Christ. We must prepare Christian shepherds for the dignity of the pulpit, the privilege of preaching, and the incomparable nobility inherent in being an Ambassador for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.” The DJK Institute exists because of that vision. Mrs. Kennedy literally bequeathed that charge to me as we prayed in her living room about this Institute. The DJK Institute can never be separated from that legacy of training ministers who will train others to fulfill the Great Commission.

I pray that someone reading these words will contact us and join in a cohort. Invest the first year of your ministerial career in a residency that can bring a sustainable spiritual health to you, your family, and the church you serve, as well as the churches you will serve.

Live the legacy. Come and be a Kennedy Fellow. You will never regret time invested in your vocation for the glory of God and the greater advancement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

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