Sojourners in a Strange Land: Public Theology in the Secular Age

Biblical Resources Addressing Contemporary Issues

The Vision

The vision of DJK Institute’s Monograph Series on Public Theology is to demonstrate theological reflection with both scholarship and pastoral application for believers living faithfully in a secular age.

The Mission

The mission is to produce a series of 12 monographs that will be published by an imprint of Wipf and Stock Publishers as an e-book. After the twelve monographs are published, on twelve topics concerning Christian living, the publisher will combine the monographs to create a single volume.


  • A new e-book monograph is published each month for a year
  • Written by leading Christian scholars in the field
  • Each installment in the series includes a small group study
  • Authors are committed to the primacy of Scripture
  • Each installment in the series includes multiple resources for further research and study
  • perfect for college and seminary courses in missiology, sociology, religious studies, evangelism, history
  • Economical first-class scholarship for your church or school
  • The twelve individually-published essays will be collected and published as a single book and e-book

A Partnership of Faith for Living, and the D. James Kennedy Institute of Reformed Leadership.

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