Lost and Found: Public Theology in the Secular Age

Biblical Resources Addressing Contemporary Issues

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The Vision

The vision of DJK Institute’s Monograph Series on Public Theology is to demonstrate theological reflection with both scholarship and pastoral application for believers living faithfully in a secular age.

The Mission

The mission is to produce a series of three books (first, a collection of essays on Biblical-theological responses to twelve selected issues facing Western society in the “Secular Age;” Two, a collection on Believers’ Faithful Engagement, and; Three, a final installment of essays on Threats.


  • The framework allows for 12 chapters in a book, and a book released over three years; thus, an in-depth three-year study for your church, small group, or reading club.
  • Written by leading Christian scholars and practitioners in the field. The majority of authors are from the Presbyterian and Reformed Christian communities. Each book, however, will include a chapter from a Christian from another branch of the Church catholic.
  • Each installment in the series includes a small group study
  • Authors are committed to the primacy of Scripture
  • Each installment in the series includes multiple resources for further research and study
  • Perfect for college and seminary courses in missiology, sociology, religious studies, evangelism, history
  • Accessibly first-class scholarship for your church or school

A Partnership of Faith for Living, and the D. James Kennedy Institute of Reformed Leadership.

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