The Kennedy Institute is a Christian research institute dedicated to producing resources that bring sustainable spiritual health to pastors and congregations.


The following projects represent current work in the three areas of focus for the Kennedy Institute. Their status—research, planning, construction, completed, or ongoing—are indicated in brackets.
These are examples of how the Kennedy Institute can provide support to your organization.


Ministry Minutes

Faith For Living

  • “Reimagining Pastoral Education and Training,” A Lily Foundation and Bell Foundation-supported project [ongoing]
  • Graduate-level course development:
  • Ministry in Context [completed]
  • The mission of the Church in the Secular Age [completed]
  • Moral Leadership [See research area of focus]
  • Introduction to Public Administration [completed]
  • Introduction to Missions in the Local Church [completed]
  • Introduction to Chaplain Ministries [completed]
  • The Christian Shepherd [completed]
  • Introduction to Economics [completed]
  • Introduction to the Mission of the Church [completed]
  • Introduction to Leadership [completed]
  • Kennedy Institute books by Dr. Michael A. Milton
  • Kennedy Institute books by Dr. D. James Kennedy
  • Ministry Minutes podcasts [ongoing]
  • Faith for Living podcasts [ongoing]

A Partnership of Faith for Living, and the D. James Kennedy Institute of Reformed Leadership.


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